This archive provides an insight into projects that have been realized by our participants as part of their residency at studio das weisse haus.

"Universal Humming" I TinTin Patrone I Artist in Residence 2019"
"Parallex Trading" I Miwa Negoro I Curator in Residence 2019
"Study for Refraction and Rotary Motion" I Mario de Vega I Artist in Residence 2019
“THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT: NOTES FOR A POSSIBLE FICTION”I Andrea Torreblanca de la Sierra I Curator in Short-term Residence
“disco nap“ I Poklong Anading I Artist in Residence 2018
“STRANGER LOOKS: THE BODY AND THE GAZE“ I Carmen Gray I Theorist in Residence 2018
“Contingency Plan“ I Pablo Caligaris I Curator in Residence 2017
“Strange Radio Listening Post” I Karen Werner I Artist in Residence 2016
“Is the World Your Friend?” I Isaac Chong Wai I Artist in Residence 2016
“Wir bauen Zukunft” I Gillian Brett I Artist in Residence 2016
“A Rap on Race Revisted“ I Petra Ponte I Curator in Residence 2016
“The Shape of Ritual" I Evy Jokhova I Artist in Residence 2016
"Mineral Sphere Activity" I YoonJung Kim I Artist in Residence 2016
"Eye Without a Face" I Jennifer Saparzadeh I Artist in Residence 2016
“Interlaced Structures“ I Samuel Dowd, Mariah Garnett, Rebecca La Marre, Elien Ronse, METASITU I Artists and Theorists in Residence 2015
"Volksmode" I Anne Elizabeth Moore I Theorist in Residence 2014
"WE ARE HERE BeCAUSE YOU WERE/ARE (t)Here" I Lennard Dost I Curator in Residence 2014
"8 ROOMS : 4 AIRS" I Artists in Residence 2014
"The Obituary Project" I Hope Tucker I Artist in Residence 2013