curated by Andrea Torreblanca de la Sierra (Curator in Short-term Residence 2019) with guest artist Yanieb Fabre

The Butterfly Effect: Notes for a Possible Fiction began as a personal quest of guest curator Andrea Torreblanca to find the first female museum director in America, while Torreblanca was simultaneously being invited by artist Oscar Cueto to realize an exhibition in his genuine, fictional and nomadic museum MUME – now theoretically based in his studio in Vienna. His new version of the museum, based on histories of migration and without a fixed place, was the perfect setting to replicate an itinerant “Bragg Box”, ornamented as a Baker House with a “skin” that uses the pattern of dazzle warships to contain multiple stories. The museum-studio-box-house is thus set as a mise en abyme, where all facts or fictions can be seen, connected, forgotten or become invisible within an imagined place.

The culmination or rather, the beginning of this story, is framed by the work of Yanieb Fabre, a Mexican artist based in Paris. Her work “Neurotique New Erotique” (2014) is set at the stairways of the Seine river in Paris. With Sigmund Freud´s voice over explaining psychoanalysis, her anxious body begins to ‘dance’ ambiguously at the edge of the water. Fabre´s video hence is a notable colophon/epigraph that encompasses not only the facts in these multiple stories (Paris as scenario of the Baker House, Freud as an èmigré in Vienna and contemporaneous to Loos, as well as the sensual body related to Baker´s eroticism) but to encode an invisible writing, or calligraphy –as the artist refers to, of the female body, that is again ciphered and concealed.   

MUME 2 is a project by Oscar Cueto and is hosted by studio das weisse haus.