“WE ARE HERE BeCAUSE YOU WERE/ARE (t)Here” I Lennard Dost I Curator in Residence 2014

November 11 – December 13, 2014
Kriehubergasse 24-26, 1050 Vienna

Participating artists                                                                              Azahara Cerezo & Mario Santamaria, Elmas Deniz, Núria Güell & Levi Orta, Marina Gržini ć & Ainašmid, Fabian Hesse, Jennifer Mattes, Wouter Osterholt & Elke Uitentuis, Abner Preis, Oliver Ressler, Alexander Schikowski, Katharina Swoboda, Christina Werner, Daniël Dennis De Wit, Ivette Mrova Zub

200 years ago, following the defeat of Napoleon, the Vienna Congress began, which was about the political reorganization and institutional reconstruction of Europe. In 2014, due to several crises – whether they are financial, cultural, religious and/or moral – Europe was facing again difficult times, and the general approval for the European Union has become fragile. Is this symbolic order still applicable, or do we need another form, in a time when geographical borders and moral boundaries are changing?

“WE ARE HERE BeCAUSE YOU WERE/ARE (t)HERE”, was a group exhibition with artists from various European countries who reflected on the current situation and the challenges Europe was facing. The exhibition developed new kinds of organizational models, questioned the European identity, its borders, values and symbolism, without losing sight of the struggle happening 200 years ago.