Reading Circle 02, curated by Malou Solfjeld

“The body––as our home, and the planet as a common body and shared home”
As it is currently not possible to meet due to the curfew as a measurement to foster the further spread of Covid-19, the reading circle has now moved from the physical to the virtual space. The second edition of the reading circle was produced as podcast “#readingcontinuesathome” and broadcasted on March 22, 2020. It is centered around the body––as our home, and the planet as a common body and shared home.

Reading list

In-between bodies given voice to by Elisabeth Molin
“(yet)” written by Elisabeth Molin, a Danish artist working with photography, video, text, performance and story telling. In her work she examines entropy, fragments of time and everything in-between. Her book (yet) will be published in May 2020.

Sound bodies given voice to by Enar de Dios Rodriguez
While the first text is based on the theme song of “The Jungle Book” from 1969, called “The bare necessities” written by Terry Gilkinson, the second part is a list of unidentified sounds retrieved from Wikipedia with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as main source.

Sick bodies given voice to by Jacqueline Grassmann
“Sick woman theory” written by Johanna Hedva, an anticapitalist psychonaut sorceress who strives to practice an intersectional-feminist, queer, anti-white-supremacist, decolonial politics.

Clever bodies and horse buddies given voice to by
Elena Lundquist Ortíz
“The Body We Care For: Figures of the Anthropo-zoo-genesis” written by Vinciane Despret, a Belgian philosopher of science, associate professor, at the University of Liège, Belgium. She believes, that humans and animals transform one another through daily encounters, and explores these metamorphoses through the history of philosophy, literature, science, field research, and art.

Tree bodies given voice to by Katja Stecher and Charlotte Solfjeld
“Women without men” written by Sharnush Parsipur, was first published in Iran in 1989 and immediately forbidden by the regime. The author was imprisoned several times for her feminist literature. Today she lives and writes in the US. Since 2006,  she has been making various programs for Radio Zamaneh based in Amsterdam.