Verena Tscherner, Studio Artist
in conversation with Martin Bilinovac

What are the peculiarities of art production and distribution in a post digital age? How do visual artists need to adapt to these changes? What are issues that still matter and can be subject of art in the post digital era?

Because the digital revolution is already fulfilled and technical devices (Smartphones, camera drones, and of course the internet!) can not be dismissed in our daily lives, we can name the era we are currently in, a post digital era. In times where art is distributed and rated in social media, where does this leave the daily practice of visual artists? Where does this leave curators, galleries and the observers? How does the internet influence our way of perceiving art? Are we free to decide for ourselves what art is, or are we overwhelmed by the massive overflow of visual input on our digital devices?

Verena Tscherner shows recent works from the photo series „Isolation Calling“, in which she combines advertisement slogans (which are used to cheer up the tired working class and motivate them to work even harder) with tired, insomniac people who try to catch up their news feed, which they missed during their busy working days.

Admission free, Language German

About Martin Bilinovac
He lives and works in Vienna and Linz. In his photographs, he does not present an objectiv view of situations that have been found. He rather invents constellations, intervenes spatially, and uses the viewer’s claim to be receptive to photography in order to offer his manipulations as realities. In this consequence, the photos become less a reflection of a specific reality than a trace of itself. The taking of pictures thus takes place behind a picture taking. (Jakob Neulinger, translation: studio das weisse haus)