Weekly Conversations... with Viktoria Schmid

© Viktoria Schmid

Viktoria Schmid works at the interface of cinema and exhibition space: She started to create films especially made to be screened in the cinema. Due to the limitations of this setting, she got interested in transferring the conditions of the cinema into the exhibition space, and at the same time, embracing the special conditions of showing moving images in the exhibition space.

In addition she adapted her last two film-installations to be shown in public space. The use of different media, such as 16mm-film,video and photography, is relevant to her work – she enjoys that their specific characteristics are forming her pieces.

Viktoria Schmid left her studio at Korbergasse for a one-month residency at the Djerassi Artist Program in Woodside, California (made possible by Land NÖ, AIR Krems). She produced new works following her research on early colour film methods.