Weekly Conversations... with Valentin Hessler

© Valentin Hessler

Today, we are pleased to introduce Valentin Hessler, who has just moved into one of our studios in Hegelgasse 14. We’ve talked with him about his artistic practice and upcoming projects.

You are currently studying the Transmedia Arts at University of Applied Arts in Vienna, naturally you seem to use a rather wide range of media. Where do you feel the most secure in?
What I enjoy most is working and playing with materials and objects. Video, sound and 3D renderings are rather functional, not a real passion or skill.

Last year, during the Documenta14 in Athens, you were part of the research project “Learning from documenta” at the Athens School of Fine Arts, can you tell us something more about this experience?
Learning from documenta is an independent research project situated between anthropology and art. It critically engages with the presence, impact and aftermath of documenta 14 in Athens. Our artist collective “Profi Reality” made a film during documenta and it was exhibited at the Athens School of Fine Arts at the “Learning from documenta” event in October 2017. So we were not really part of the group, but we have collaborated with some members during the making of the film.

Do we get the chance to see your works exhibited somewhere any time soon?
On May 26, 2018 will be the opening of the “Rooftop Gallery” by Peter Fritzenwallner. Selina Lampe and I will be showing the sculpture “Rheinmetall” on top of Peters car. The car will then drive around for a week and visit, among other things, the factory of the arms company Rheinmetall near Salzburg, where they are producing weapons and ammunition. The opening is in front of Rheinmetall Military Vehicles Austria, Brunner Str. 44, 1230 Wien, 6 pm. And on June 19, 2018 I will be showing my Diploma “… und eine Dividende in Höhe von 1,50 €”  at Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 3, 1030 Wien, Dachgeschoss, Studio 2.


Interviewer for studio das weisse haus: Bojana Stamenkovic, das weisse haus Graduate 2018