Weekly Conversations... with Soli Kiani

© Soli Kiani

This week we are talking to studio artist Soli Kiani, who will organize the next ”Wednesday with…” on March 28, 2018 at 6 pm. She has invited the curator Marcello Farabegoli to talk about her work.

Why did you invit Marcello Farabegoli for your presentation in the framework of Wednesday with? Did you have previous collaborations?
Well, I met Marcello at Parallel Vienna in September last year. He was/is much interested in the topic I am working on and I have the feeling that he understands what my works are about!
No we didn’t have previous collaborations but we talked about some in future.

What is the focus of your talk?
The focus of our talk gonna be on my artworks, religion, the years I grew up in Iran, those I´ve been living in Austria and let the guests find parallels between them.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming project in Klagenfurt, which is part of the public art programme?
I am invited from Lendhauer Society to build an installation at Lendhafen during the Lendspiel program in June/July. I will go on with the same topic, which I´ve been focused on last year but with a new body of work.


Interviewer for studio das weisse haus: Florian Appelt