Weekly Conversations... with oellinger/rainer

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Meet our former local artists Hannah Rosa Oellinger and Manfred Rainer, who worked in one of our studios in Untere Augartenstrasse. The duo is also exhibited at das weisse haus until May 21, 2016.

Born in Korneuburg, the two artists live and work in Vienna. They position themselves within a critical but at the same time creative framework on what concerns contemporary social and artistic practices.
Their exhibition viel zu tun focuses on the idea of the individual “business”, being busy as today’s way of life. The works exhibited here are telling a very personal and yet recurrent story – our daily to-do list, the necessity of control as the main tendency of today’s individualism. The 45 signs aim to be clear, honest, and go straight to the point. Why don’t we talk about our own failures? Why are we not sharing “unsuccessfulness”? Negative responses and failed attempts are a large part of human outcomes, so why negate them?