Weekly Conversations… with Lena Rosa Händle

The next artist interviewed for our this series is Lena Rosa Händle, who is participating in our program since July 2018. Recently, she started a workshop on photography, taking place every two weeks at her studio, located at Hegelgasse 14.


Interview by Juliana Furthner

Photo: lena Rosa Händle

This semester you are giving the workshop “Das Eigene im Bild”. For whom is this workshop designed? Are there any requirements to take part?

The workshop is designed for everybody who is interested in photography and who has an own project in process or at least an idea for a project.

In the description of the workshop it is said that the participants should already have a concrete idea for a project. What are the further steps taken in the workshop and how is it structured?

Basically, we talk about the works of the participants, so that they get a lot of feedback and possibilities of development and improvement.

Is there a personal approach or insight into the “omnipresent” medium of photography you want to convey to the participants?

No, I think there are always many ways to read and to understand the medium of photography. I try to understand what the participants want for their projects and to give my expertise of almost 20 years of artistic and applied photography and of teaching.