Weekly conversations ...with Karine Fauchard

In Art, I like to explore the laws (scientific, physical and poetic), that define our reality.My practice includes various mediums, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video or mixed media. Materiality is the underlying theme in my work as well as the in situ pratice and the idea of process. I wish to offer to the spectator both an aesthetic and physical experience. Understanding painting, thinking the media painting by questioning the elements of an image, replaying, assimilating and transmitting codes, techniques as well as emotions.

Within the context of the Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Art Award 2019 you will be presenting some of your works in a solo exhibition at das weisse haus called “Vulkanische Aue” – can you explain its concept and your strategy?
I will show a new series of paintings developed together with an in situ work based on a sculptural practice using clay.

The series “Vulkanische Aue”, which started in 2017, is an ensemble of works dealing with the painting matters, its parameters and the passage between entities. Between rational and poetic, concrete and abstract, the indeterminate and the exact. The title refers to an alchemy of the unquantifiable medium. The works present different variations around the shape of a geometrical equation: the arch. A “cloud like” formal recurrent motif, the arch is the base and foundation of architecture.

The “clay works” consist of modeling, in situ, motifs, elements, ornaments, garments,

playing directly with the architecture of the space and its context. Besides, the worked clay is not fired, which adds to the temporality and uniqueness of the intervention.


The in situ intervention will hold a communication, make a bridge between the paintings and the exhibition space itself built with arches, to offer an new composition, an ephemeral painting.

A subterranean experience.

Shapes and contra shapes, opposites and complementarity. Wholeness and emptiness, the vacuous and the solid, calm and turmoil…

To what extent does your past training like in the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris or your experiences with different scholarships influence your artistic process today?
My education is far behind me! From École des Beaux-Arts, I keep in mind the first exchanges with my professor, Vladimir Veličković, who sadly passed away recently, as sharp, short and direct. I also keep close the sensations of the very first creational work and its energy. In terms of scholarships or residencies, they offer more of a comfort frame than an influence.

In your art, you work with various media – how do you draw inspiration for your works from such a multitude of materials and what connection do you have to these?
My main purpose and theme is all about painting matter.