Weekly conversations... with Judith Milz (Artist in Residence, 2019)

Judith Milz, born in 1989, has completed her studies at University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe in 2018. From 2014 – 16 she studied at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (HGB Leipzig). Until 2016 she implemented artistic works for the Federal Constitutional Court Germany (awarded with the Guther-Schroff-Scholarship). In 2017/18 she was head of the editorial staff of the magazine Munitionsfabrik. She initiated various exhibitions, such as victory, organized out of the collective feeling a few days after the election of Donald Trump. The group exhibition The Walk– Naples to Pompei (2014), focusing on social, political and territorial questions of the Vesuv was awarded with a scholarship of the ZKM | Centre for Arts and Media.

Find the video interview with Judith Milz on the facebook page of studio das weisse haus here.