Weekly Conversations… with Agnieszka Roguski

© Florian Glaubitz

Let us introduce you to Agnieszka Roguski, a freelance author and curator who was staying at studio das weisse haus as our Critic in Residence. Having grown up in a Polish-German family close to Stuttgart, she’s been based in Berlin since 2006. Her work was shown at Kunstverein Leipzig, HKW Berlin and published by numerous art magazines. She also writes her doctoral thesis at FU Berlin on the visual performance of the creative subject.


Both Vienna and Berlin are very popular places for artists and curators. Now that you’ve reached the half of your stay here, can you maybe tell us whether you’ve noticed some differences or similarities so far?

In terms of the style of art, aesthetics and also discourses, it’s quite similar – I can’t see any big differences. However, the networks and communication are really different. The fluctuation in Berlin is really high, many people are coming from outside, only stay for a short time, so the scene is constantly in transition. It’s moving all the time. Whereas here it’s – I wouldn’t say steady – but it’s more set. So it’s really easy to access the field for me as an outsider.

Whom do you mostly work for in Berlin?

I’m mostly writing my PhD thesis, which is the starting point from where all my work goes to different directions. I write for different magazines – for example KubaParis, Camera Austria, Springerin, Spike Art Magazine – the formats always vary, sometimes I write more experimental, sometimes more classical reviews.

Have you already visited some exhibitions here in Vienna?

Of course I did, besides these two big fairs, Parallel and viennacontemporary, I went to 21er Haus for example. I’ve also visited more artist-run spaces like for instance Skulpturinstitut which I found very interesting. These spaces are run by people that I’m more or less acquaintance with, so the communication is much easier than in huge museums.

What are you working on here, in residence at studio das weisse haus?

As part of the mentoring program by C/O Vienna Magazine I did an interview with Nika Kupyrova recently, I will do some research for another text that will potentially get published and then I will work on the publication for the 10-year anniversary of das weisse haus.


Interviewer for studio das weisse haus: Simona Lacinová