Veronika Burger

Former Studio Artist from May 2014 – April 2015

Veronika Burger, born in 1981 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna. Burger studied Performative Arts and Transmedia Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Artist’s Statement
“My artistic practice is predominantly a discussion of authorship, artist identity, and performativity in connection with institutional imperatives regarding efficiency and economically utilizable productivity. While I work in several media including video, sculpture, photography, and installation, most of my artistic production is based on and related to performance – both with and without the physical presence of my own body. In my performative practice, I am interested in exploring and challenging the borders of the performative itself through both media and process. (…)
Another essential part of my artistic production is the inscription of my artist personae into dominant art institutions and art history of the 20th/21st century, as well as the construction of career and fame through the manufacturing of (fake) documents, like museum posters, fan posters, or invitation cards. I am creating various authorships as placeholders for non-visible and non-linear art history positions and thereby celebrating a Do-It-Yourself take on art history as an artistic paradigm, which is free to copy and appropriate. The CV itself becomes a performance stage: a continuous construction site of self-improvement.”