Stephanie Winter

Former Studio Artist from March 2016 – May 2016

Stephanie Winter, born in 1978 in Salzburg, lives and works in Vienna.

Winter studied studied Painting & Post-Conceptual Art Practices from 2001 to 2007 at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Berlin University of Arts. 

Preferably she works on large-scale film-, video and installation-projects but also devotes her time to painting. In her work she is accompanied by the idea to visit the mind as a location, as a place of performance, to open up and to disintegrate it, in order to put it all together again from another viewpoint. This disintegration is what interests her about the display and the staging of an exhibition, originating from the urge to bring the mind to life. Stephanie Winter is founder and artistic director of the experimental perfomance & production platform Salon Hybrid.