Sarah Pichlkostner

Former Studio Artist from June 2016 – February 2017

Sarah Pichlkostner, born in Salzburg, has resided in Amsterdam and Vienna. She has had numerous group and solo exhibitions.

Artist’s Statement
“In general I am confronted in my work with questions like: How can an object be located, where does it begin and where does it end? (…) Can there (ever) be a satisfactory or conclusive reply, namely a solution? One possible approach suggests that an object’s limit coincides with the limit of its material form, therefore its concrete dimension. However, every object requires its subject in respect of both, production and reception. These conditions mark its origin as could be argued. Thus, returning to the initial inquiry of how to locate an object: its specific manifestation can only be an implication of production, perception, presentation, social behaviour, timescale, light –: hence, factors and conditions that artist and object are effected by.
Does an object fall asleep to collect energy and wake for its duty? Interaction with increasingly human­like apps, gadgets and objects creates a strain, as we push to constantly streamline and improve our lives, even when we’re alone. Out of my experience there is this moment that you cannot make a difference anymore, in terms of self-improvement or refining an installation. I try to create an atmosphere where you are constantly on hold; where you don’t know if something is happening or will happen. (…)”