Michaela Bruckmüller

Former Studio Artist from May 2014 – April 2015

Michaela Bruckmüller, born 1971 in Wels, lives and works in Vienna. Bruckmüller studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Linz and at the Technical Institute of Photography (die Graphische) in Vienna.

Artist’s Statement
“(…) In her photographies, Michaela Bruckmüller plays with the profundity and ambiguities hidden in the darkness of the night. Things are not what they appear to be at first sight. Mysteries are  uncovered behind the obvious. Ambivalences and ambiguities can also be found during the day, next to the succinct and the mysterious, rural dullness and nostalgia, reality and fiction. The formal tension created by her work requires careful perception of the delicacies which lie in her work. The choice of motive causes confusion, the aspect of series and repetition is an element of insisting on the topics. The materials used for production are another aspect of relevance in her projects. Embedding the pictures in synthetic resin creates a sense of depth and organic structure. Reproduction on carpet fabric conveys the aesthetically painful reminiscence of trashy textile wall hangings. They contrast with sleek, technically perfect C-prints on aluminium. (…)”
–  Dr. Eva Maltrovsky