Merve Akyel

Former Studio Artist from April 2013 – September 2013

Merve Akyel is an artist based in Vienna. She studied Performative Art & Sculpture and is currently working at her PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Artist’s Statement
“Most of my work is about memory and process. Memory and process which underly the absurdity of our existence stuck in the present. I have an understanding of our existence that refuses any specific or singular interpretation of what can be called reality or “here and now”. To me it is a bundle of non-linear narratives always in circles and always in motion.
Creating systems of imagery, of thoughts is vital for my work. Then comes the visual and the physical aspects of my work. Often, I use certain imagery to express notions and concepts I have trouble visualizing. I associate trees with order, where as I associate steel wire with heaviness and some sort of introversion. That is the exact same reason why I frequently use steel wire in my sculptures. It is my attempt at trying to define an outer version of my inner self.”