Larissa Kopp

Former Studio Artist from October 2013 – March 2014

Larissa Kopp, born in 1985, lives and works in Vienna.

Artist’s Statement
“I am working with different media,  sometimes combined with each other: staged photography, performance, and objects. At the center of my artistic research is the topic of staging and all its variations, staging of identity and situations in space and time. The staged photographs have a kind of narrative character, but allow for a more open interpretation by the viewer. Mainly, I deal with the question of identity, in terms of how our identity is formed by society or how it is influenced by a certain personal story. I question these identities, alienate them and put them into different contexts. I`m especially interested in working with art-historic pieces, as they shape our perception of art, and I try to explore the ambiguity between what is generally accepted as high culture and good taste, and popular culture or kitsch. I like to play with  passed-on presentation mechanisms, representations and the expectations of the viewer.”