Christian Weidner

Former Studio Artist from October 2013 – March 2014 in Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna
And from May 2014 – December 2014 in Kriehubergasse 24-26, 1050 Vienna

Christian Weidner studied at the University of Art and Design Linz, the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2013. He exhibited in several cities such as Los Angeles, Berlin and Leipzig.

Artist’s Statement
“My interests are driven by International Politics and Pop Culture. There is a loose connection between these elements and I try to find out which interfaces might be relevant to reflect the current state of affairs. In today’s world, where Britney Spears and Bashar al-Assad are in our browser just one tab away, the synchronicity of global proceedings followed by and filtered through us as individuals is capturing.
My intention is to establish a relationship of now. I want to activate the space between the painting and the viewer and to have an immediate impact on the cognitive, emotional and sensual resources in the viewer. It is of no significance whether the result is a figurative, abstract or non-figurative one. Every painting is made individually, with its own logic and circumstances: The visual and physical presence of a painting matters. (..)”