Ben Pointeker

Former Studio Artist from May 2014 – April 2015

Ben Pointeker, born in 1975 in Höfen, lives and works in Vienna. Pointeker studied at the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam and at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. 

Artist’s Statement
“My work mostly starts out from between film and photography while
engaged with poetics, patterns and structure of narrative cinema, the
notion of time. In the past years my work explored time in the form of
an hybrid of photography and film that – by confronting their different
time concepts – brings forth a ‘depth of movement’. Essential to it is a
tension between the depth of time (as something stable) and the
glimpse of a moment, the impossible grasp-ability of time.
I often work with landscapes that do not refer to a concrete site but
to the idea of a space. I isolate a scene from its narrative surroundings
and try to create a distance to the associations it contains –
I am interested in the resulting gap, and turn it into an active element.
I am interested in the reality of an inner space that might open up –
in the form of an affective gap.”