Anna Schmoll

Former Studio Artist from October 2013 – March 2014

Anna Schmoll, born in 1985 in Wels, is an artist/painter living and working in Vienna. Since 2010 she has been studying fine arts (painting and animation) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

“Buildings not only provide shelter and comfort, but they contain memories and histories. I am interested in the concept of home, which can evoke associations of comfort as well as imprisonment. In my paintings and objects I aim to dismantle familiar images and aesthetics of architecture in order to deconstruct preconceptions of domesticity and infrastructure. I am exploring the perception of stability through marks and traces of paint on canvas. Structures and symbolic elements emerge through color and omittance, the blank canvas seems to cut geometric lines into the vague space of the paintings, monochromic rooms renounce any other information but form, ghostly buildings appear in indefinite spaces.”