Anita Witek

The work of Anita Witek, addresses current visual culture, particularly the proliferation of imagery in commercial print media and billboard advertising, and their role in forming identities, fashion and taste. Central to Witek’s practice is the artistic process of photomontage. Her extensive archive of printed matter, consisting of contemporary and historical fashion and life-style magazines, books and posters provide the material for her working process. By dissecting, detaching and cutting into these materials. Witek removes the central motifs thus deconstructing and destabilising the content. The cut out remnants of the image are then loosely layered to form new abstract configurations that the artist subsequently ‘fixes’ with a photographic lens. More recently Witek has been using deconstructed billboard advertising materials. After removing the central image and textual information the artist reconfigures the remaining fragments intosite-specificsculptural installations.