Alice von Alten

Alice von Alten, based in Vienna, was born in 1987. From 2010 until 2016 she studied at University of applied arts in Vienna and in 2015 at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Artist’s statement                                                                                  “What are the forms of the human (co-)existing that we accept passively but absolutely? How do we shape and structure our environment and our spaces? Are the objects and elements we use necessarily given?                  In my work I always reflect on manmade structures and the impact we have on the landscape constructing it and pushing our aim of building an ideal environment. I am interested in the conquest of the world using „Google Earth“, which allows us to scroll and travel in seconds virtually around the world. How does it influence our perception of spaces? How does it influence our view of places in terms of size and distances between them? How do we experience ourselves in this rather small world?                            My approach is to question the human behavior in space, the use of typical architectural elements, to which we are subjected, such as walls, doors and the boarders we face, or think we do as well as our request for nature.        With photography, three-dimensional works and installations I try to observe and ask questions about side effects and symptoms of the built horizon.”