Alfred Lenz

Former Studio Artist from October 2013 – March 2014

Alfred Lenz, born in 1974 in Feldbach, lives and works in Vienna and Studenzen.

Artist’s Statement
“Most of my work are art installations. I like to use various locations and the specific influences and materials they provide. The already existing and already present is very essential to my work. Everything surrounding me can be used as potential material that can be modified through different methods and thereby bere – Wcontextualised. The found, the borrowed and the already existing generate a unity. At the same time the used elements and components are not denying their origin. Sometimes their stories are unknown and possibly they were used in many different ways before I used them. I am using materials as they are: already existing holes in walls are being included, found pieces of wood are used in their already existing dimensions and colors. Places and locations and their specific features and conditions are the starting point for my installations. Very frequently I use space connecting elements but I also often use elements that exceeding limits.”