Lina Albrikiene, Curator in Residence 2022

Photo © Augis Narmontas

Residency Period
March 21 – April 30, 2022

Lina Albrikiene (*1984) is an artist and curator based in Vilnius, Lithuania). She received her Bachelor and Master degree in photography and media art at Vilnius Art Academy, and was studying photography at the Edinburg College of Art. Her works have been exhibited internationally, such as Vienna, Graz, Saint Pölten, London, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Kassel, Prague, Bratislava, Brussels, Merida, Riga, Vilnius, and she was awarded the Young Artist Debut prize (Lithuanian Ministry for Culture) as well as the the main prize of the Young European Artists biennale in Paris in 2012.

Installation, video and photography are the central fields of her artistic practice. The concepts varying from the individual to collective memory, from absurdity to the sense of humour. Due to the particpation in several residencies, the Austrian art scene is quite familiar: 2019 in Graz (Land Steiermark); 2017 in Vienna (Kultur Kontakt); 2015 in Krems (Air-Artist in Residence Niederöstereich).

After all her practice as a visual artist, ultimately in 2020 Lina Albrikiene merged her artistic skills, experience and knowledge and established herself as a curator at the Lithuanian National Museum of Art, Vilnius. During a one-year period she curated two exhibitions: Performing the Museum, solo show by Aldo Giannotti; and APEIRON. Why Austrians Now? Austrian Expedition 2021, group exhibition of 14 Austria based artists. She was invited as a jury member for awarding the Promotion Prize of the Province of Styria for Contemporary Fine Arts 2021 competition, and curated the group exhibition A Playground Guide to Getting Lost with all the finalists at Neue Galerie Graz.