Malou Solfjeld, Curator in Residence 2020

Residency Period
February 07 – April 19, 2020

In cooperation with BLOCKFREI

Malou Solfjeld, born in 1991, is an independent curator based in Copenhagen. Her research interests lie in the subjects of home, belonging and post-human intra-active, entangled becoming with companion species (inspired by thinkers such as Donna Haraway and Karen Barad). She holds an MA in Art History from Copenhagen University and has worked as a curator and residency facilitator at CCA Andratx, Mallorca since 2016. Recently she joined in their non-profit work on connecting artists with the UN Global Goals. As a BLOCKFREI alumni she is diving into the archive of studio das weisse haus in order to curate a group exhibition with current and former participants on “temporary inhabitance”, that goes under the title: “New homes for horses, cats and canaries”. The “housewarming” of the show will take place on April 16, 2020.