Hatty Nestor, Critic in Residence 2019

© Harriet Nestor

Residency Period
May 27 – June 15, 2019

Hatty Nestor is a writer based in London. She has been published in Frieze, BOMB magazine, The White Review and Art in America amongst many other publications. She studied at Goldsmiths College and the Royal College of Art. She is interested in theories and questions of gender, identity, belonging, feminism and knowledge production, and approaches writing and criticism from a creative non-fiction perspective. She was Jerwood Art Space 2017 writer in residence. Her book on the ethics of portraits, Chelsea Manning and the US prison system is forthcoming with Zero books, 2020. 

She writes: criticism does something, it is an action – a way of reevaluating our encounters with art and what we receive from it. As Fredric Jameson said of Andy Warhol when referring to the nature of his work; if it’s commercialisation is not able to be criticised, interrogated, then why? What he means is, if we aren’t being critical of art then it doesn’t have a tangible function. Therefore writing has the ability to be an action when meditating on art, in a socio political and economic context, beyond the confinements of the cultural institution.