Patrik Elgström, Artist in Short-term Residence

© Patrik Elgström

Residency Period
September 21 to October 03, 2021

Patrik Elgström, born 1966, lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. He holds an MFA from the University of Photography Gothenburg (MFA 1996). His work has been exhibited international at Gallery Jochen Hempel and Künstlerhaus Bethaninen (Berlin 2015), Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum (San Antonio, Texas 2016), Gallery Rostrum (Malmö 2017). Together with Jenny Magnusson he forms the duo SKYMMER OCH SER. Their work was presented at the Royal Academy of Arts (Stockholm 2019), the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture (Portugal 2020), and at the Centre for Photography (Stockholm 2020). He is the recipient for Swedish Arts Grants for Visual and Applied Artists in Paris 2022.

Patrik Elgström photographs architecture as a surface to project narrative, philosophy, politics, ideology, and psychological expression. His research is done by walking, mapping and exploring. Through physical practice and experience he makes the city into something familiar, selects his motifs via intuition and emotion. Pazrik Elgström works silver based with a large-format analogue camera.