Nora Schöpfer, Artist in Short-term Residence

Photo: Nora Schöpfer
Residence Period
July 24 to August 02, 2020

This residency is organized in cooperation with
Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Nora Schöpfer studied painting and graphics at the University for Applied Art Vienna in the class of Oswald Oberhuber and Ernst Caramelle. In 2018 she was awarded for the Tyrolean Prize for Contemporary Art. She lives an works in Innsbruck.

“I work on questions concerning the perception and formation of reality. I am especially interested in the aesthetic thinking which exemplifies the continuous transformation of the world through our imagination using the experience of art and its perception processes. In my work (painting, digital graphics, photography, and installation), I experiment with the overlapping of thinking from and in images, the interdependent construction of realities and the fluid processes and layers of the material world and its imaginary spaces. In addition to the phenomenological aspects, it is also about the ethical question in which extent aesthetic thinking  has the power to  break up  fixed perceptions and may have the potential to  release tolerance and critical thinking.”