Marcelina Wellmer, Artist in Short-term Residence 2018

@ Marcelina Wellmer

lives and works in Berlin

Marcelina Wellmer studied video and drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (Poland) and is currently a PhD fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin (Poland).

Her works plays with the sensibility of machines, the fragility of digital memory, and the interaction between human body and artificial objects.The visual message is often enhanced by a generative factor and connected with electronic devices.The artist programs initial parameters, leaving most of the work to be processed out by a computer. From those translations and hybrid of media new aesthetics and perspectives get revealed.

She participated in several exhibitions and festivals in Europa, Australia, Canada, USA and Japan. Some of her most important exhibitions include: Museum of Modern Art/Vancouver/ Canada, Institut for Cultural Inquiry/Berlin, Science Gallery Dublin&Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig/ Germany, Transmediale 2012/Berlin/Germany, Queensland University of Technology /Australia.