Judith Klemenc, Artist in Short-term Residence

Photo: Judith Klemenc

Residence Period
August 17 to 23, 2020

This residency is organized in cooperation with 
Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

In her artistic work, which includes objects, installations, videos and performances, Judith Klemenc intensively explores the reality-creating and transformative potential of art. Along the subtle lines of difference between body and language, it is always the question of gender that is at issue. Gender identity, sexual orientation, social invocation, the genesis of physicality – the artistic treatment of these questions represents a translation from the intelligent to the sensual. Scientific debate leads to an aesthetic and all the more transformative formal language. This is where Klemenc’s signature is essentially evident: criticism of the structures of socio-political violence immanent in images and language never comes from outside, but is always stirred up in the midst of the circumstances. Her art does not stop at criticism, but is already capable of mobilizing new associations and opening up humane spaces for reflection. An ethical-aesthetic claim thus becomes central: the recognition of all people in their different vulnerabilities. (text: Elizabeth Schäfer)