János Brückner & Lóránt Bódi, Artists in Short-term Residence 2015

© János Brückner

a cooperation with Art Quarter Budapest

János Brückner graduated at the University of Fine Art Budapest in painting at the class of Dóra Maurer and Eszter Radák. He’s been awarded by Ludwig Foundation scholarship in 2011, K&H Bank scholarship in 2012,  Derkovits scholarship in 2013 and 2014. In 2013 he was a visiting research artist at the Newcastle University’s Culture Lab, Digital Media Department, creating the Happiness Manual, and had a residency at the Futura Contemporary Art Centre, Prague.

Lóránt Bódi studied at the University of ELTE Communication and Film Studies. Currently he is a PhD student at Atelier Department of European Social Sciences and Historiography. His research focuses on Jewish discourses on the Holocaust in post-war Hungary (1945-1948), before the emergence of canonized narratives. Not only has this topic escaped scholarly attention so far, but it is also dominated by the view—which his work aims to problematize—that Holocaust survivors were reluctant to publicly address their traumatic experiences.