© Alonso Júnior

by Uýra
in cooperation with das weisse haus
and kulturen in bewegung

23.09.2023, 1 – 5 pm

das weisse haus, Hegelgasse 14, 1010, Vienna

Painting is a rite, a ritualized transformation. A practice of ancestral cultures throughout the worlds, the contact of paints with the human body crosses geographies, times and the history of humanity itself. In this workshop we will discover how intuitive makeup reveals details of Life, such as the color of a memory or the texture of a feeling.

The workshops with Uyra on 23 and 30 October are closely linked.

In collective practice, make-up, photo-performance and the creative process will be linked in preparation for a collective performative presentation at Kulturhaus Brotfabrik on 6 October as part of the Clichê Trash Festival. Accordingly, it is a prerequisite for participation to be willing to attend both workshops. The workshops are open to everyone!

It is important to bring your own participatory and collective spirit and a desire to reflect on your own privileges.

Limited number of participants, please register at