Uýra, Artist in Residence 2023

Image credit: Terra Pelada, Uýra Sodoma, 2019, © Matheus Belém

Residency period
September 04 to November 03, 2023

in cooperation with das weisse haus
and Kulturen in Bewegung

Emerson aka. Uýra is an indigenous person Two spirits*. Emerson has a degree in Biology and a Masters in Ecology and works as a visual artist, art educator and researcher.

Emerson lives in Manaus (AM), an industrial area in the middle of the forest, where Emerson transforms into Uýra, a walking tree. With a strong focus on the body, Uýra tells stories of different natures in photo-performances and performances. Based on the urban-forest landscape, Uýra is interested in living systems and their violations, as well as indigenous memory and diaspora experiences.

Uýra has been part of Salão Arte Pará (2019), the exhibition for the EDP Arts Award, Tomie Ohtake (2020), the 34th São Paulo Biennial (2021) and realized exhibitions in various art institutions in Austria, Italy, San Francisco, Holland and France. In 2022, Emerson will participate in Manifesta! (Nomadic Biennale of Europe) and will present two solo exhibitions, at the Museum of Art of Rio – MAR and at the Museum of Modern Art – MAM Rio.

“Two-Spirit” is a term used in various indigenous communities that encompasses cultural, spiritual, sexual and gender identity.