Tintin Patrone, Artist in Residence 2019

Photo © Tintin Patrone

Residency Period
April 02 – May 26, 2019

TinTin Patrone is a German-Filipino musician, Performance and Sound artist. The connections between music, art, sound and experimental gesture is the general field TinTin Patrone is interested in. One focus of her creations lies on the visual elements of music, the tension between conceptual ideas and physical existence and how we relate to music individually and as a society.

Her performances and installations include elements from musical Concept-Art, Fluxus and Social practice. Her projects work as a form of comparative study of art and music, from their formal aspects to their points of overlap in history. Another important inspiration that informs her artistic practice is the culture of associations and clubs; she often performs with her orchestra or cooperates with other artists and collectives.