Rah (Raheleh Saneie), Artist in Residence 2014

© Lucia Vilsecker

Residency Period
Fall 2014

Raheleh Saneie “Rah” is an Iranian- Canadian video, photo and performance artist. In 2013, Rah won the Ottawa Art Gallery Graduating Student Award of Excellence and in 2012 she won the SAW Video award. Rah was also the recipient of Artslant’s Georgia Fee Artist/ Writers Residency in Paris. Further, Rah was the only Iranian-Canadian artist in SAW Galleries Ciphers: Tension with Tradition in Contemporary Iranian Photography which was curated by PhD. Andrea D. Fitzpatrick and was a first-of-its-kind exhibition of Iran’s most critically acclaimed lens-based artists. In 2012, Rah’s video Eslah, 2012, was published in Art Journal, Vol. 8, a scholarly article written by PhD. Francine Dagenais and was published in Tehran, Iran. Rah’s work has been published and exhibited internationally in Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Massachusetts,North Carolina, Iran, China, Berlin, and London. Rah’s work is also in a traveling exhibition called “Islam Contemporary” that will be traveling to Philadelphia in November, 2014 at Twelve Gates Art.