Kata Tranker, Artist in Residence 2014

Kata Tranker, Housekeeping for daily rutin (detail), 2014, paper, photo, wood ink, 80×50 cm

Residency Period
Spring 2014

Kata Tranker, born in 1989 in Székesfehérvár, Hungary lives and works in Budapest.

” In my starting point there are situations from our daily life – schemes and patterns which determine our decisions and give us the comfortable feeling of routine. I observe them and try to make a description with any possible tool. I accumulate drawings, photos, collages, objects made of paper or wood etc. during weeks or months. I need to do concrete things, substantive objects – because they can help me to understand the world which surrounds me. It is a basic human attribute: if I can visualize a problem, I will realize it easier. The output is made of more items which help each other in the interpretation, and also determine the dramaturgy of reception with their spatial disposition. My work is about how I try to find points for orientation. It’s something personal but also a very common thing. I want to decompose and then reconstruct the daily routine in order to make our subconscious decisions visible.”