Judith Milz, Artist in Residence 2019

Photo © Alexander Theis

Residency Period
September 05 – October 30, 2019

Judith Milz, born in 1989, has completed her studies at University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe in 2018. From 2014 – 16 she studied at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (HGB Leipzig). Until 2016 she implemented artistic works for the Federal Constitutional Court Germany (awarded with the Guther-Schroff-Scholarship). In 2017/18 she was head of the editorial staff of the magazine Munitionsfabrik. She initiated various exhibitions, such as victory, organized out of the collective feeling a few days after the election of Donald Trump. The group exhibition The Walk– Naples to Pompei (2014), focusing on social, political and territorial questions of the Vesuv was awarded with a scholarship of the ZKM | Centre for Arts and Media.

Judith Milz has a strong interest in the archiving, processing, editing, and visualizing stories and histories dealing with archives and contemporary witnesses in various forms. Simultaneously, the aesthetics of the ordinary are an essential part of her work, the highlighting of seemingly mundane processes, like cleaning or standing on a chair, like minor observations: The decontextualisation of these conventional doings.