Elien Ronse, Artist in Residence 2015

© Elien Ronse

Residency Period
Spring 2015

The starting point for Elien Ronse is the banal structure of her own life and people surrounding her. She’s endlessly documenting rooms, household objects, time structures and daily movements by taking pictures and making notes. How do we organise life? What are we doing to make it comfortable? Her work refers to the way we’re controlling our environment by adapting everything to make life easier. In meanwhile this archiving is again an impossible way to get grip on her own environment. These documents she’s using to make paintings and installations.

In studio das weisse haus shel concentrated on the ‘bedroom’, as a part of house and home. A house as a place where we live, the home as a set of variable unfulfillable ideas and feelings. The bedroom carries most aspects of personal life, full of everyday intimacy. Within the same time filled with widespread impersonal stuff and structures, that are rather boring, but crucial in life for everybody. In Vienna Elien crossed the thresholds that separate intimate spaces from the outside. She revealed the ordinary nature of our existence that takes place in domestic spaces.