Dhruv Malhotra, Artist in Residence 2014

© Dhruv Malhotra, Photoink Gallery, Untitled from Sleepers, 33.6 X 42 in, 2009

Residency Period
Spring 2014

Dhruv Malhotra, born in 1985, grew up in Jaipur. He majored in Economics from Mumbai University in 2006. Being chronically unable to sleep at night, he wanders the streets with his Mamiya 6×7 and a sturdy tripod. His work focuses on urban areas and cities at night and engages with issues of progress, modernity and the otherworldly.

“The sleeping figure acted as a metaphor for me, for the  general state of my own life. Inherent in the idea of the Sleeper is the genesis of an awakening. The sleeping figure worked as a metaphor for this dormant potential. My intent was to make images of people sleeping out in the open, in the context of their environment, the built urban landscape. I am interested in the way people occupy open spaces, the space around the Sleepers is as important for me as the Sleepers themselves.”