Untere Augartenstrasse 5, 1020 Vienna

The gentrification process raging nearby around the Karmelitermarkt hasn’t yet reached out to this area. Here, the neighbourhood gets together already in the morning for spritzer or beer, either at the Indian-Italian restaurant or at the döner stand fifty meters away towards Augarten. Embedded between the Asian restaurant Flugfisch and the Persian carpet dealer three empty premises are temporary in use. Due to the publicity of the storefront the contact with the environment is as direct as it is personal. The range of reactions to the studios reflects the diversity of the second district itself. “What is this going to be? Is it going to be another deli?“ “I have heard that this is an art space now. But all I only ever see is a pigsty.“ It’s beautiful to  photos: see how the rooms stay alive, first growing with chaos, then disappearing again. Lisa Grosskopf

Detailed Description:                                                                                     Provider / Sponsor / Supporter: Buwog Group
Original Function: Shops                                                      Duration: Since March 2016 

Rooms: 3 working spaces, 1 kitchenette, 1 toilette 
Special Features: 3 huge shopwindows, tramline, interested neighbourhood                                                                                    Size: 134 square meters