Vogtgasse 28,1140 Vienna

The first location at Vogtgasse in the 14th district featured a beautiful factory building, formerly used as a workshop, offering more than 300 square meters space for the shared studios. Furthermore, an adjacent office wing was available for our international guests following an extensive adaptation. The building apparently stood empty for a longer period and was run by a commercial business in the past. We discovered countless racking systems and large wooden tables in many spots. The rooms have been used as workshops, offices and laboratories. I can recall a highly complex locking system which allowed us to make several key copies for the artists. A particularly strong memory remains the request from Artist in Residence Hope Tucker to get permission to research at the never operational nuclear plant Zwentendorf for her film project The Obituary Project. (Sheyda Malek)

More details
––Provided by: LIV GmbH              
––Original function: Factory
––Duration: April 2013–September 2013
––Size: 500 square meters
––Special Ffeatures: courtyard, loft-like studios, no heating system