Kriehubergasse 24–26, 1050 Vienna

A day with fond memories was the last Open Studio Day of the residency in Fall/Winter 2014. Since we additionally organized a concert with Matthäus Bär, performer of nursery rhymes, the location was full of kids running around between the studios, Santa Claus and a cookie decoration stand. Visiting studios always has an unpleasant momentum of intrusion into the private sphere of another, unfamiliar human being. The site of production never achieves the sterility of a white cube. It is a place, where one can learn a lot about artistic works – if one is a welcome and respectful guest. On this afternoon, we have succeeded in creating an incredibly diverse program and in putting the focus on a crucial virtue: hospitality. This also included looking after the visitors by offering a program for their children. Whereas Artists in Residence presented the results of their stay in already emptied spaces, the Local Artists opened their studios and in between: kids, cookies, discussions and laughter. (Katharina Brandl)

More details
––provided by: BIG – Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft
––Original function: tax office
––Duration: May 2014–April 2015
––Size: 1,000 square meters
––Rooms: 24 working spaces, 1 kitchen, 6 bedrooms, 1 common area, 2 bathroom, 2 toilettes, 1 office
––Special Features: enfilade, impressive staircases, long corridors