Hofbauergasse 9, 1120 Vienna

When I joined studio das weisse haus in 2014, it was already in full swing, launched a year before with great enthusiasm by Alexandra Grausam and Sheyda Malek. The experience from the first residencies helped us to develop the program further, step by step, and deal better with all the complexities of hosting, taking care of foreign artists and curators, introducing them to the local art scene and presenting their work to the public. In this respect, the combination of the residency with the studio program for Local Artists proved to be just right: a lot happened without us being necessarily involved and these connections between people were a sign for us that the organism really worked. To explore the great potential of the project, to set up new formats, such as the Critic in Residence program, or seek international partners proved to be particularly exciting. It was a pleasure for me to contribute a little bit to the development of the project and it makes me happy today to see that it hasn‘t lost any of its inspiring energy. (Klára Peloušková)

More details
––provided by: LIV GmbH              
––Original Function: Acrylic glass factory
––Duration: October 2013–March 2014
––Size: 480 square meters
––Rooms: 26 working spaces, 1 kitchen, 1 guest room, 5 bedrooms, 3 common areas, 1 bathroom, 1 office 
––Special Features: Courtyard, 2 huge halls, Art Noveau bathroom