On the occasion of Vienna Art Week, Emily McDermott and Sabine Stastny will take VAW’s theme of “Making Truth” as a starting point to discuss disruptive methodologies within the art world, specifically in relation to the street newspaper Arts of the Working Class. AWC was founded in Berlin in 2018 and is a bimonthly publication that addresses poverty, wealth and art through thematic focal points. Previous issues have been titled “The Exhausted Land,” “Art of Darkness,” “Unchain Change,” and “Restless Together,” and the forthcoming eighth edition, guest edited by Sabine Stastny, will explore the topic of care. As part of their talk, which will take the form of a roundtable discussion with the audience as participants rather than a staged Q&A, McDermott and Stastny will also present a “stage of complaints”—a strategy for disruption previously enacted by AWC in the context of art fairs.