The topic of this edition is the exhibition “Sleep Now in the Fire. On Volcanoes, Combustion and Light”, which is realized by MUME – a project by Oscar Cueto and hosted by studio das weisse haus.

The starting point of this project is a text written by Austrian-Mexican artist and avant-garde theorist Wolfgang Paalen in 1943: “Birth of Fire. A Mythological Hypothesis suggested by the Appearance of a New Volcano”. Paalen, who was interested in highlighting similitudes rather than differences between cultures, analyzed in this text several myths from around the globe in which people sought “their first fire from the volcanoes”. Among them, he selected the Greek myth of Prometheus à la par of the Mesoamerican myth related to the god Quetzalcoatl. Regardless of the geographical location or cultural context, these myths signal this cultural development through the mastery of fire and mark a major cultural shift.

Sleep Now in the Fire” aims to revisit some of Paalen´s arguments and attempts to recreate a situation that could evoke his speculative analysis based in hypothesis articulated through multiple, and seemingly incongruous, associations between art works, material and visual culture.
With works by Alejandra Avilés, Adela Golbard, Enrique Lanz, Pablo López Luz, Diego Pérez, Miriam Salado.