within the series INSIDE––INSIGHT

Lina Albrikiene (Curator in Residence), Lena Rosa Händle (Studio Artist), Marianna Kotsan (Artist at Risk), Simona Pavoni (Artist in Residence)

On the occasion of the exhibition A Playground Guide to Getting Lost, conceived by our guest curator Lina Albrikiene for Neue Galerie Graz, a group consisting of local and international artists undertook a day trip to Graz on April 21, 2022.

11.30 am Künstlerhaus Graz – Hall for Art and Media
1.00 pm Lunch Break
2.30 pm Grazer Kunstverein
3.30 pm Neue Galerie Graz
5.00 pm <rotor>
7.00 pm Kunsthaus Graz, opening Monica Bonvicini