Anna Reisenbichler

Former Studio Artist from May 2014 – April 2015

Anna Reisenbichler lives and works in Vienna. In 2007 Reisenbichler obtained a doctoral degree in Art History at the University of Vienna and graduated in 2014 from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in Fine Arts. 

Artist’s Statement
“Thematically my work revolves around the potential of knowledge generation and knowledge storage; I deal with the possibilities of collecting, systematizing, and remembering. In terms of method, I overlay and extract information, which, through decontextualization and reordering, creates new communicative structures that make visible both internal and external processes. Here I use mostly elements from scientific and mundane contexts, such as satellite images, diagrams, old engravings, textbooks, postcards. This is broadened with motifs from art history and literature, as well as pencil drawings and stitched lines. My working practice is like a form of (inter-) weaving: processes of writing, drawing, archiving, and thinking take place simultaneously and are inseparable.”