Rachel Fäth (b. 1991 Berlin) currently lives in Munich. For the last few years, she has been exploring how sculpture can be used for creating new aspects of community, and thus its contribution for proposing new ways of living and working. From her interest in social housing projects –– such as the Wiener Gemeindebau or Barbican in London –– and with her studies in Sculpture and Art Pedagogics in Vienna (University of Applied Arts) and Munich (Academy of Fine Arts), her practice develops approaches for the intersection of art and “social togetherness” using conceptual strategies and mediation-oriented art practices. Her material explorations in metal, as well as her drawings, intends to better understand the worlds around her. 

For example, her recent work deals with the approaches, ideas, and phenomena about the economy of growth in the literal sense: the act of making larger. This study will take her to New York City to survey large proportions of space.

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Mallorca, Vienna, Munich, and Montpellier having played the different roles of curator, mediator, and artist in various collaborations.